Saturday, May 27, 2006

Two more books finished

This week, I was able to finish reading two books:
Orbiting the Giant Hairball, Gordon Mackenzie - This book was strongly recommended to me by Pastor Sandro Baggio, this is a book mostly about creativity, not with techniques, but with lots of stories and reflections about how the contemporary thinking, very standarlized by our industrial and economic system, is eroding our capacity to create and to be original. He compared most of our business systems like a Hairball, you have an idea and start make money with that and you have a hair, in order to have more control of your new company you starts a culture, and attaches policies, procedures, benchmarks, each of that is another hair unit that is tied to your idea and origin a hairball, but once you are at the hairball, you cannot think anything new outside the hairball, you can only get anything new when you start to orbitate the hairball in the space of ideas, but not far enough to loose touch with the hairball and starts to be etereal and your ideas loose reality.
That's it! There are 24 very funny stories about Mckenzie experience at Hallmark, which I also compared with my experiences at Market Place but mainly with Presbiterian church, where I have a great interest to give something new in this kind of environment.
Finding Faith, Brian McLaren, I felt very interested about this book when McLaren himself recommended at his another book "More Ready than you realize" as one of the rare postmodern apologetic books. I was told this book as very like Mere Christianity, from C.S. Lewis, and I found a very good book about spirituality search. I liked the honest way McLaren discussed and walked on the spirituality way. It would be a book I would recommend to a friend with a search for God, but it would be after Mere Chrisitanity. I liked very much how McLaren defined faith and how he recommended a church, as long as I am very concerned about the kind of church I would like to plant here in São Paulo, those chapters helped me in a lots of issues that I should value to reach people today at my city. I planned to read this book aside with Mere Christianity, but after the pastor of our planting group lended me The Contemporary Christian, I will set a chance for rereading Mere Christianity later.

There is a third book, The Contemporary Christian, from John Stott that left two chapters to finish, great book also!

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Posts now... just out of office

This week my explorer at office was unable to access most of the blogs that doesn't have own address, weblogs derivates sites also are unavailable at office like Technorati, Blogger, Flickr etc.
Posts now, just at nights and weekends at home.

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