Tuesday, July 26, 2005

We have not known thee

I first listened to this music at Mars Hill Church Seattle site, but last time I have listen a beautifull playing from Team Strike Force, I could even dream with this music last week. When I came here, I could search for lyrics and find a very rich music which was written in 1875 but tells a lot for us today. The music is at the main page yet. It is awesome:

We have not known thee as we ought,
nor learned thy wisdom, grace and power;
the things of earth have filled our thought,
and trifles of the passing hour.
Lord, give us light thy truth to see,
and make us wise in knowing thee.

We have not feared thee as we ought,
nor bowed beneath thine awful eye,
nor guarded deed and word and thought,
remembering that God was nigh.
Lord, give us faith to know thee near,
and grant the grace of holy fear.

We have not loved thee as we ought,
nor cared that we are loved by thee;
thy presence we have coldly sought,
and feebly longed thy face to see.
Lord, give a pure and loving heart
to feel and know the love thou art.

We have not served thee as we ought,
alas, the duties left undone,
the work with little fervor wrought,
the battles lost or scarcely won!
Lord, give the zeal, and give the might,
for thee to toil, for thee to fight.

When shall we know thee as we ought,
and fear and love and serve aright?
when shall we, out of trial brought,
be perfect in the land of light?
Lord, may we day by day prepare
to see thy face and serve thee there.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Back again!

I have returned last Friday from Serra Negra, this is the third time I go to Vale do Sol, there has been not a travel to know new places and take many photos, but it has been rather a time for retreat. I was longing for it a lot, every hollidays I was dreaming of going there, but this week was the time.
It was a retreat with early devotionals from John Piper with the book "Seeing and Savoring Jesus Christ" and with main lectures from Donald Miller with "Blue like Jazz". Actually I read it all from Sunday to Thursday.
I have got really impressed with Donald's simplicity, humility and authenticity telling his stories. The chapters about Belief, Loneny and Worship told a lot to me. His stories inspired me a lot to use my stories to reflect God and His kingdom, I hope to be as simple as him to share my stories.
As I have shipped two books of him, I will follow with "Searching for God knows what".
As previously told, my house was painted while we was in Serra Negra, so when we got back and got satisfied with final results, we had the task of unpacking our luggage and also unpack everything boxed. Was my opportunity to re order my books in shelves.
I got also my throat inflamed so there came fever, pain through body and I slowed down my work. But everything is getting fine and I hope to be better until tomorrow.
Thursday I will be back to office.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

A little rest

Finally I am on my vacation, tomorrow I will go to the mountains to feel some cold weather (just cold weather at about 5 C) at Serra Negra and retire from rush here.
I was waiting a lot for these days, I hope to rest a lot and to be sure what to do when I come back regarding ministry and kingdom.
I hope the termical swimming pools might help me a lot!
I am taking on my luggage "Blue like Jazz", I have seen the blogosphere talking a lot about Donald Miller, so my last shipment I asked for two books of him.
Also, I will seize the trip to have my house painted, today was a day to box everything and Friday will be a day like Home makeover surprise!
The hotel is very simple and I will not have full access to internet, so, I will not be able to post. I hope to escape to the city when I can read some mails and comments.
I count on your prayers for this travel.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

What others say about Luis Fernando

I found this meme in Rick's blog - take your name and search on "Name is" (use quotes to keep the phrase together), and see what you find. So, here's "Luis Frnando is" to the rest of the world:

- Luis Fernando is his name and he took us to many
places we would not normally have gone due to ignorance,language,and fear! ...
- Come and see the light!

- Luis Fernando is handsome, rich and accustomed to
getting his own way. When his best friend Ernesto steals one of his lovers, ...
It was you Ernesto! I will kill you!

- Luis Fernando Is Credited On The Following CDs. Guitarristas "Guitarristas" Our Price: $14.50 (Price Includes US shipping) - I think this work was very fine, intimist but very sincere. May worth to check.

- Luis Fernando is an Associate. Professor of the Foreign Languages Department since 1995. He studied Philosophy and Literature at the Universidad Pontificia ... - Many people were impressioned to see me as professor at 25s, very young, but I made it!

- Our new brother Luis Fernando is 38 years old, is a baker man and now a son
of God by His mercy and thanks to our work through the radio. ...
- Yes! Listening to "how to bake" lessons in radio I am now a new man!

- My Brothers and Sister. Luis Fernando is the oldest. He is very intelligent, and he always make a very good job. - Thanks

- His wife, Maria del Socorro, also kidnapped by the ELN and released on June 15, said that "Luis Fernando is in great spiritual shape thanks to his faith Thanks again! Tuff times kidnapped.

Saturday, July 09, 2005


My dougher seized the variety of post-its she got to draw our family and post them close to the computer: Pedro Henrique (pragnancy is going very well!), Dad (me), Maria Ester (her) and Mammy (my wife)


This week I could finish my reading of the book of Judges, and it is finished with one of the most bizarres histories of the Bible, a levite travel with his concubine and in the middle of his travel stops for a rest. Some neighbors call the man that received them and asks for the visitors for an orgy, they give the concubine wich is violented by them until death. The levite send pieces of her body in order to all country reflect, but this reflection makes Israel go to Benjamin and almost destroy this tribe... Yes, it is disaster after disaster. This happened in a time when "there was no king in Israel and anybody acted like was good to themselves"
Israel could make it and live well without a King if they should follow God with all their hearts, God should be their King. But it seems it didn't work and each one followed their own heart and made what seemed right to them, by this way, even their reflections was disasterous
When I saw bombs from Al Qaeda again I thought in it, if Jesus is not present we will see bizarreous things, also the most people will reflect the most we will see other bizarreous things for this lack of wisdom.
Here in Brazil some are glad to know are not on Al Qaeda list but we are in the middle of scandals from people of government and these things have generated consequences as bizarres than those things: corruption and misery.
As what happened with the levite, who asked for a reflection after such disaster, what else we need to start to think?
Jesus Christ is the answer.