Saturday, July 09, 2005


This week I could finish my reading of the book of Judges, and it is finished with one of the most bizarres histories of the Bible, a levite travel with his concubine and in the middle of his travel stops for a rest. Some neighbors call the man that received them and asks for the visitors for an orgy, they give the concubine wich is violented by them until death. The levite send pieces of her body in order to all country reflect, but this reflection makes Israel go to Benjamin and almost destroy this tribe... Yes, it is disaster after disaster. This happened in a time when "there was no king in Israel and anybody acted like was good to themselves"
Israel could make it and live well without a King if they should follow God with all their hearts, God should be their King. But it seems it didn't work and each one followed their own heart and made what seemed right to them, by this way, even their reflections was disasterous
When I saw bombs from Al Qaeda again I thought in it, if Jesus is not present we will see bizarreous things, also the most people will reflect the most we will see other bizarreous things for this lack of wisdom.
Here in Brazil some are glad to know are not on Al Qaeda list but we are in the middle of scandals from people of government and these things have generated consequences as bizarres than those things: corruption and misery.
As what happened with the levite, who asked for a reflection after such disaster, what else we need to start to think?
Jesus Christ is the answer.

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