Thursday, June 30, 2005

One year posting in English

There was so many things to do this month, that I skipped the blogversary of this blog. I started to post here translating some posts from my Brazilian Blog "Checklist para viver o Cristianismo Hoje", at that time, some people tried to read that blog with Alta Vista translating facilities. Though, sometimes I know that to be understood you need more than a word by word translation, you need also an explanation of what means some things I am telling there, that is why I started to post here specially in English.
It has been a nice year, I have got more friends and the conversation has been very fine. As long as I have received some comments and also links to this site, those things have making my days. It has making me feel inserted to a great blogging community, and I have been learning a lot with those, specially with the emerging churching bloggers. Though Emerging Church is far to emerge here in São Paulo, I can feel this taste with all of you, emerging church bloggers. From you I get so inspired to make this way here in my city.
I has been a hard work also, as many posts from my other blog are inspired of what I have found in my blogosphere, sometimes I think that those are not as relevant as to translate them here. So I have tried to post something really relevant to my international readers. Sorry if sometimes I am posting here fewer than I could!
Anyway I hope you are enjoying this as much as I.


Rick said...

congratulations, friend!

Andrew said...

Happy one-year anniversary!

Grace and peace,

Len said...

Woo Hoo!