Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Too much information!

I am back from lunch and in last hour I have heard of two marriages ended! I am chocked!
There was man and woman that used to smoke together here in the office, now I know that they are also living together, his doughter is a little older than mine.
I have found a neighbor where I use to have coffee, he let me know that he moved from his apartment six months ago but his wife (now ex) stayed there.
Too much to know in a single lunch.
I am very sorry for their kids and for their missed opportunity to keep family together. I know that sometimes it might be needed to keep life going, but I also know that life will never go the same way. A great pity!

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Back from Colapse

I am glad, really glad!
I am back from a camp retreat after long time ago I was not able to go to one, retreats are really awsome! Retreats open uncommon moments of change, reflecting and also resting and fun. I backed home really refreshed.
We could perform Colapse Calypse, it was very, very funny, the people from the church help me a lot and turned this hard work so easy! It is amazing to work with a team! Create and see your creation is also awsome! I could felt like God in Genesis 1, "and saw that it was good". I have to create more, it makes me feel so good! I think that it helped me to come home even more refreshed. Though the game made me exausted, I waked up the day after with lots of aches in my body, they all was gone with some hours at swimming pool with my doughter.
After all I could see my contribution to teens edification, I felt so honored and blessing to perform this role in their lives. I need to be back to game soon!
It was good to see my doughter very free. I own her a game for her age, I hope to have moments like those with my family.
I started to read the new book from Erwin McManus "The Barbarian Way", he talks about how our faith became civilized and claims for a barbarian faith, I am deeply challenged.
We returned home on Saturday night in order to have a better preparation for the week, when you get home you have to get all dirty clothes, organize bags, clean the car etc. But I could see some videos from series from Mosaic, Kairos and Willow Creek, it was enough to inspire me again for our need for a relevant and functional community in São Paulo.

Monday, April 18, 2005

Colapse Calypse

A pastor friend of mine asked me to perform a game in a retreat to the teens of his church. This is because once I was ministring to teens in my former church I had created a game called "Hunt for the Red October" (it was in a retreat in October, of course). I felt really honored to live this thrill again, I know that I ever regret of this feeling at 3:00 A.M. when teens are yelling and shouting outside and I am trying to sleep, but I am feel very honored to praise to my God with such a work like this. As it we are not in October and as I am performing this game first time outside my former church I created a new name: Colapse Calypse, I think ministers in US are very used to this kind of work, it is an one day game (from 9:00 am until 7:00 pm) very funny.
People here liked this game because have lots of plays and is very organized, but you need lots of folks to help you and lots of time to prepare it, as it is difficult to have professional youth ministers here, lay people uses to do this work, and time is little to create such work.
Here I am, copying and pasting, printing lot of rules and maps, exciting for the camp of April 21st (it is holliday here, Tiradentes)

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Busy and quick days

Latelly I have been in a great rush, I have been giver greater responsibility at my work and I have started to get out later that I used to. It's good from one side because I can do things closer to what I can do, and I ever thought that when I get more responsibility the days of going out early would be rare. By other side this rushing has taken me more of my disposition.
I have been waked up at the limit of what I can stay at bed, though, I have lost lots of morning devotionals I could do, I can't relate these times exclusively to my rush times at work, because there's sometimes at the year I get to this situation, I repeat the snooze options at my radio-clock and my post-sleep time and pre-going-out gets very short, and too short for praying and meditation.
I miss these times a lot, I think I have already shared this, but this situation prolongs until I get courage to get up at the first clock advise and realize that I need this time with God.
Also, sometimes it seems that this rushing day by day makes me lacks some of the vision, but I know that I am still spiritual, because my spirituality does not depend on what I feel, but with the choices I do in my day by day. Ironically I remember being very well used by God in times like these.