Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Back from Colapse

I am glad, really glad!
I am back from a camp retreat after long time ago I was not able to go to one, retreats are really awsome! Retreats open uncommon moments of change, reflecting and also resting and fun. I backed home really refreshed.
We could perform Colapse Calypse, it was very, very funny, the people from the church help me a lot and turned this hard work so easy! It is amazing to work with a team! Create and see your creation is also awsome! I could felt like God in Genesis 1, "and saw that it was good". I have to create more, it makes me feel so good! I think that it helped me to come home even more refreshed. Though the game made me exausted, I waked up the day after with lots of aches in my body, they all was gone with some hours at swimming pool with my doughter.
After all I could see my contribution to teens edification, I felt so honored and blessing to perform this role in their lives. I need to be back to game soon!
It was good to see my doughter very free. I own her a game for her age, I hope to have moments like those with my family.
I started to read the new book from Erwin McManus "The Barbarian Way", he talks about how our faith became civilized and claims for a barbarian faith, I am deeply challenged.
We returned home on Saturday night in order to have a better preparation for the week, when you get home you have to get all dirty clothes, organize bags, clean the car etc. But I could see some videos from series from Mosaic, Kairos and Willow Creek, it was enough to inspire me again for our need for a relevant and functional community in São Paulo.

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