Sunday, March 30, 2008

Renovatio café - Now you can read it!

As promised, we opened last week a section of English articles for you friends abroad! We have opened it with two objectives in mind:
  • To let you know what is going here, we will have brazilian bloggers posting in English to let you know our context, how we found the books we have read, it is, the think I try to do here
  • To let friends participate in our efforts in Brazil posting their messages to encourage our work on brazilian emerging church

  • We have already an Article from Gustavo K-fe about Brazilian context of the emerging church. You can visit at this link, or visiting Renovatio Cafe and choosing "English Content" menu, RSSs files for English Content are also available.

    With Lights off for Earth!

    Yeah! Yesterday, we also took our lights off for Earth Hour!
    We turned our lights off, eat our dinner while I could explain my doughter why we were doing such thing. After, I told her a story about the little light that went out searching for darkness and were not able to find it, I could relate it to Jesus teaching about being the Light of the world and we all prayed to be such a light to spread peace, love and happiness everywhere we were.
    Earth Hour were not so spreaded here in Brazil, but it was a beggining, and was a great opportunity to reflect about our use of resources and our responsibility as christians to take care of this world.

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    Friday, March 07, 2008

    Earth Hour, March 29th, 8PM

    I love this idea!

    Will you be in?

    I believe that even if your city is not on this list, it would be awsome to gather people at candles lights to reflect about our use of earth resources. Check at WWF Website