Monday, May 23, 2005

A Boy!

As told in previous posts, Saturday we went to our second ultrasound exam, finally we found that the baby is a boy. I was expecting for it as long as the doctor hinted in the first exam.
We are happy, as happy as if the baby was a girl, but we will surely have a different adventure. A good thing for being a boy is that his name is already chosen: Pedro Henrique (it might be very hard for an english speaker to tell it), if the baby was a girl we would debate about a lot!

Friday, May 20, 2005

Corporative gifts

Talking yet about my birthday it was funny that the first call I received at my office was from my banking officer, in the morning yet, my insurance office secretary called me twice to congratulate me, off course at second time I have remembered her about it.
I received lots of e-mails from the sites I had registered, but there was a better mail from Blockbuster offering me a free DVD rental.
There was two gifts I was waiting for I used to receive every year, a 40% discount at a Christian bookseller and a meal at one expensive restaurant in Sao Paulo, this time I received just the first. We got disappointed to know that any of us will not receive a meal in our birthday, even after filling all forms in all times we went there to guarantee that.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

My template for a 35 years blogger

Time to change my template, how do you think about it?

Yes, yesterday was my birthday

I should shame myself, yesterday was my birthday and I was not able to post any hello here! I drafted a special message for birthday and thought of changing blogg template, but my birthday was not as calm as I expected. I spent all night with my doughter at hospital due a reaction to a medicine gaved to her. At night, my mother went my home but we all were to tired to party, I was just able to see "The Amazing Race 5" beggining.
Even with those trouble my day was fine, I have received many best wishes from friends. I programmed a party next Saturday, tuesday is a terrible day for party (and got worse), as my doughter got better and we expect to know the sex of our baby we hope to better celebrate.

Monday, May 16, 2005

Radical Faith

We have a special service yesterday, I could see a group of 20 youths ready to go to Africa for 6 months learning France language and supporting local missionaries, the project was called Radical Africa.
I couldn't avoid to shed tears seeing such disposition to serve. There were youths from various places of our country and when I see youths ready to go and churches supporting them, it is a good signal of effectiveness of church.
I am impacted yet by the message of Erwin McManus through "The Barbarian Way", there was a very good example of a untaimed and undomesticated faith: a faith that does not fear risks but moves to action and bless.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Fotolog updated!

Reading in Horto ~The Story We Find Ourselves In~ Posted by Hello
Today we could wake up early enough to take a walk to a park very near our house called "Horto Florestal", there so long we have not gone before. I gave my WebCam to Maria Ester and she did a really good job, she is getting well with camera.
We saw a great party of the monkeys of park, it is really a great priviliege to live near to nature and to a park so beautifull