Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Virginia Tech

Through internet I could follow what happened yesterday at Virginia Tech and while I started to ask why, how, I could follow also how this horrible fact impacted some folks in US, not only as a whole people but also as partners in ministry at that University. At this time, blogs are making us nearer to americans sufferings. My simpatys and prayers are with you right now:

  • From JR Woodward:
    - From Virginia Tech: The In-between day
    - In Regard to Virginia Tech Tragedy

  • Rob Williams: Praying for Hokies

  • Rick Stillwell: Virginia Tech
  • Thursday, April 12, 2007

    Popups eliminated?

    After a user friend of mine did the same, with a great sadness, I did take out Nedstat (Now Motigo)counter of this blog and it seems undesired Popups desapeared!
    It's a pity because Motigo is a very promptly counter, it showed visits with a great fastness though with not detailed information as Extreme Tracking has done. My sadness on taking Motigo out is also for my ego interests, as I have been with Motigo very long ago, it was about to show almost 4000 visits. But I can surely live without it.
    My dutch friend Paul has advised me about those inconveniences, and I thank him for his comments about those popups.
    Please, if popups comes out again, feel free to tell me that Motigo is not guilty of that. Thanks

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