Thursday, April 12, 2007

Popups eliminated?

After a user friend of mine did the same, with a great sadness, I did take out Nedstat (Now Motigo)counter of this blog and it seems undesired Popups desapeared!
It's a pity because Motigo is a very promptly counter, it showed visits with a great fastness though with not detailed information as Extreme Tracking has done. My sadness on taking Motigo out is also for my ego interests, as I have been with Motigo very long ago, it was about to show almost 4000 visits. But I can surely live without it.
My dutch friend Paul has advised me about those inconveniences, and I thank him for his comments about those popups.
Please, if popups comes out again, feel free to tell me that Motigo is not guilty of that. Thanks

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Panda said...

Well done - there's no problem now!
Hope to hear more from you soon. Blessings from the Netherlands!

Panda said...

And I like the pics in your Flickr badge, Luis! Great to get an impression of you and your family. God bless!