Saturday, March 17, 2007

Yes I go to Origins!

This story began May last year when I had mileage expiring and this mileage made me eliegeable to issue an air ticket to United States, from everything I could think about what could I do in US, I chose to go to Los Angeles to attend Origins conference.
Though everything went wrong with my mileage (the air company were close to a bankruptcy), I kept my "A" plan and, with the Grace of God, I will be in Los Angeles from April 29th on to be at Origins, from Mosaic.
I was previously in United States on march 2001, when I went to Chicago to attend a conference at Willow Creek, and after to Miami to be with my ent. But now I will go with my wife, and will be great to be in LA with her. We might go to San Francisco on the follow Saturday to spend some days before return to Sao Paulo.
I think this as a great opportunity to learn a lot and to expand my ideas on our church planting in Sao Paulo. I count on your prayers. I might also, take advantadge to meet some people I have knew in blogosphere, and some churches I have been followed through internet.
If you have some hints also, it will be very appreciated.

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