Sunday, April 10, 2005

Busy and quick days

Latelly I have been in a great rush, I have been giver greater responsibility at my work and I have started to get out later that I used to. It's good from one side because I can do things closer to what I can do, and I ever thought that when I get more responsibility the days of going out early would be rare. By other side this rushing has taken me more of my disposition.
I have been waked up at the limit of what I can stay at bed, though, I have lost lots of morning devotionals I could do, I can't relate these times exclusively to my rush times at work, because there's sometimes at the year I get to this situation, I repeat the snooze options at my radio-clock and my post-sleep time and pre-going-out gets very short, and too short for praying and meditation.
I miss these times a lot, I think I have already shared this, but this situation prolongs until I get courage to get up at the first clock advise and realize that I need this time with God.
Also, sometimes it seems that this rushing day by day makes me lacks some of the vision, but I know that I am still spiritual, because my spirituality does not depend on what I feel, but with the choices I do in my day by day. Ironically I remember being very well used by God in times like these.

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