Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Quitet? Not for lack of inspiration.

I have been quiet for a long time but I really wanted to post something about this Easter, this is a really big moment to be remembered and to be really praised, I have been surfed in my blogosphere and I have found some things very insightfull:

From Rick: Morning Discovery - brief but powerfull
From Being Real - He's not here, He has risen! - very nice picture

Sometimes we don't have to tell so much about it, but this moment worth reflections. Reflections about Jesus victory and reflections about how do we let Jesus be victorious in our lifes. I think it is a pitty Jesus ressurrection being remembered just once in the Easter in many churches I know.
This moment worths a lot!

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beingrealguy said...

Thanks for the link! I felt like so much had be said already I just needed to post a picture. Have a great day.