Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Gratitude and Responsability

Last Monday I took the night to go Supermarket to buy our provisions for the month, every day I return home with all provisions I get very gratefull to God because of His mercy to make me able to get everything my family need.
That time my gratitude went deeper, I could saw a mother buying something to her doughter (as old as mine), she looked needy but she could buy some crackers and soft drink to her. When you live among poverty like here in Brazil, this kind of scene is not uncommon.
I could imagining how hard many parents here can supply what their kids demand. This scene breaked my heart. Latelly I have been with a great will to do something about it, but this could be done mainly by community, that is one of the main tasks community are rised for, to reach people like her with the love of Christ. Delivering food is not enough, these people need closeness.
This is a embarrassing situation, even more when I see my market car. I could remember a phrase from Spiderman "Where is power there is responsibility".

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Troy said...

Nice quote from Spider-Man.

I don't think people here in the USA realize what it's like in Brazil, with poverty and wealth being so close together. I have only read about it and seen it in the TV show "Cidade Dos Homens", but after I learn Portuguese in college next year I want to study abroad in Brazil.