Thursday, June 23, 2005

Something in the air

I have been talked very much about our need for a renewal here in our brazilian church. This kind of conspiration has been more common as the time goes by. But I have found a poll that make this kind of conspiration more explicit.
  • Are you satisfied where you are and with what you have at your church?
    739 Votes - 28.5%
  • Are you not standing go to church?
    456 Votes - 17.6%
  • Did you stop going to church?
    415 Votes - 16.0%
  • Do you think everything is wrong, but stay for guilt and fear?
    167 Votes - 6.4%
  • Do you expect for something new inside evangelical church?
    400 Votes - 15.4%
  • Do you expect for something new outside evangelical chuch?
    170 Votes - 6.6%
  • Are you meeting informaly with other disciples?
    246 Votes - 9.5%

  • Though the ministry of Pr. Caio Fábio calls for these kind of thoguhts (I can explain it later) and peolple that visit his site are more likely to search for something new at church, I feel surprised to see this kind of idea so explicit. And for this kind of renewal I am working and praying for.

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