Saturday, July 16, 2005

A little rest

Finally I am on my vacation, tomorrow I will go to the mountains to feel some cold weather (just cold weather at about 5 C) at Serra Negra and retire from rush here.
I was waiting a lot for these days, I hope to rest a lot and to be sure what to do when I come back regarding ministry and kingdom.
I hope the termical swimming pools might help me a lot!
I am taking on my luggage "Blue like Jazz", I have seen the blogosphere talking a lot about Donald Miller, so my last shipment I asked for two books of him.
Also, I will seize the trip to have my house painted, today was a day to box everything and Friday will be a day like Home makeover surprise!
The hotel is very simple and I will not have full access to internet, so, I will not be able to post. I hope to escape to the city when I can read some mails and comments.
I count on your prayers for this travel.

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