Thursday, July 14, 2005

What others say about Luis Fernando

I found this meme in Rick's blog - take your name and search on "Name is" (use quotes to keep the phrase together), and see what you find. So, here's "Luis Frnando is" to the rest of the world:

- Luis Fernando is his name and he took us to many
places we would not normally have gone due to ignorance,language,and fear! ...
- Come and see the light!

- Luis Fernando is handsome, rich and accustomed to
getting his own way. When his best friend Ernesto steals one of his lovers, ...
It was you Ernesto! I will kill you!

- Luis Fernando Is Credited On The Following CDs. Guitarristas "Guitarristas" Our Price: $14.50 (Price Includes US shipping) - I think this work was very fine, intimist but very sincere. May worth to check.

- Luis Fernando is an Associate. Professor of the Foreign Languages Department since 1995. He studied Philosophy and Literature at the Universidad Pontificia ... - Many people were impressioned to see me as professor at 25s, very young, but I made it!

- Our new brother Luis Fernando is 38 years old, is a baker man and now a son
of God by His mercy and thanks to our work through the radio. ...
- Yes! Listening to "how to bake" lessons in radio I am now a new man!

- My Brothers and Sister. Luis Fernando is the oldest. He is very intelligent, and he always make a very good job. - Thanks

- His wife, Maria del Socorro, also kidnapped by the ELN and released on June 15, said that "Luis Fernando is in great spiritual shape thanks to his faith Thanks again! Tuff times kidnapped.

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