Tuesday, June 13, 2006

It's Show Time!!! Brazil starts today!!!

World Cup excitement begun here two weeks ago and since them it's all that have been talked so.
Mc Donald's started to sell special sandwiches based on the seven winners of the cup (Italy, Germany, French, England, Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina). At TV most of the commercial it's about World Cup.
In the previous week people started to decorate streets with Brazil's flags and green and yellow colors, as I live at an apartment I decorated our office at Tuesday with balloons, ribons and our Brazilian flag.
We have a great expectation for this cup as we have won the last and at this cup we have an even better team with four of the best forward players of the world.
Today, the day of our debut, we could see lots of people dressed with yellow or green shirts and lots of cars with brazilian flags, the world cup excitement is at the air. We could leave office at 3 in order to see the Brazil and Croatia, all offices closed to it and almost nothing works during game time.
First half has ended and it's already 1x0 to Brazil, go Brazil!!! Let's get our sixth!!!

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