Saturday, September 02, 2006

Very blocked

Well, very long time with no post, everytime when I open my blog to access others that pendency comes to my mind!
Since the only time to post and to visit other blogs were reduced to my nights and weekends I have been very challenged to do it without been so away from my kids, it is I have to organize myself to have a good time with my kids and to have fun here.
I am not thinking about closing this blog, I have met amazing guys through it, but unless I get to be very organized here I will still be slower than I desire to.
Our church planting in Mandaqui have also been at slow pace, but we have been at least kept our focus, on next weeks we might define our help and I hope to have faster steps from this month on.
Today is my baby birthday, so I have to go to fill up some balloons.
See you later!

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1 comment:

Len said...

do what you can with what you can. Glad you can post at all. :-)