Saturday, October 07, 2006

As you passed here

To tell that life has been such crazy is not so new, I've weaked up today likelly to post anything, so I would like to tell you some news: we are moving ahead our church planting in Mandaqui, we are very conscious of our condition, we are two christian families with small children dreaming to plant a church here in São Paulo, after meeting sometimes at Sundays to be pastored we have started yesterday to meet at a weekly basis open to friends to come, we know that as we have kids and babies, our meetings will be often interrupted by babies demands but that is who we are! We don't have other christian families to join us, now that's us facing outside our families with a very good support from a pastor friend of mine, he is also planting a church in his city 60 kilometers from here.
I feel that I have written a lot here about this church planting, but now is the moment to act more than to ramble, to act more on relationships, to know what to do, how to do, how to invite our friends and how to be friend regardless of this church planting.
We are very eager to have new people to join us, and in its sense I ask for your prayers.
I will keep you informed

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thanks for the update