Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Children at streets

Miséria S/A by Flipe SO
When I ever talk with someone abroad and they are interested to know how Brazil is like, they use to ask me regarding Homeless Children, when I was in LA and San Francisco where I could find homeless people, but no one children with them, I could realize how different it is outside Brazil.
Yesterday, I found at newspaper that our city had finished the first serious research about Homeless children, I could find some facts regarding this very sad situation in São Paulo:
  • There are 1842 children living at streets, 1040 live outside their home to get some money
  • 55.9% sell candies at street crossings, 21.6% perform some kind of service like washing windscreen, polishing shoes or juggling at traffic lights and 15,6% begging
  • As people pity situation of very small children at streets, most of the beggers are smaller children
  • Work at streets and begging, at general, generates US$ 12 Million dollars a year, 4 out of 10 cars use to give some kind of tip. Social work people associates directly success at working and begging on streets to perpetuate this kind of situation here.
  • Children leave home because of violence and abuse, they don't like also public shelters because those places do not provide many things to do

    Paul said...

    Maybe it is also because of your climate that it is possible to live on the streets for kids. In our country and in many other countries it is too cold and wet and there are no places to find shelter. It is so sad that so many kids live outside without a dad or mum to look after them. It breaks my heart! I know there are also Christian homes (we supported such a home in Brazil with the church).
    Hope you are OK, Luis... Blessings, bro.

    Paul said...

    Hey Luis Fernando - it it TOO QUIET on this blog ;-) but I do hope that is because you have such an exciting life and no time left for posting here! Just wanted to send you warm Christmas blessings from a cold and WHITE little country on the other side of the globe. Be blessed and have a great two thousand and eight!