Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What is a spiritual practice?

I have grown up in a Presbiterian tradition, what I mean here in Brazil is that I am supposed to have a very good biblical knowledge background and also very good leadership and administrative skills, though when I started to research about emerging churches phenomenon, I started to think how I lacked spiritual practices in my formation, that is why I have been learning a lot with a group of people in their missional blogs, specially from Mustard Seed Associates who have repeteadly make very good challenges to our faith.
Latelly Christine Sine started an amazing series with reflections from a wide variety of people telling about what they mean about Spiritual Practices. As I told you I lack a lot in this area so I have been learning a lot on this, but Christine also asked me regarding this issue, as challenging as it got to be, I chose to tell about how my running activities are meant by spiritual for me.
I hope to post it tomorrow.
I have seen such amazing reflections about seeing many activities as spiritual practies, so you will have and updated list in this post, and I recomend you to follow on.


David Ault said...

Hola Luis -

I came across your blog and am a big believer in spiritual practice. Mine are meditation, (becoming quiet to hear the still small voice within).
Continued blessings on your running and congratulations on all the benefits it brings.
Blessings to you - David Ault

bathmate said...

Everything looks good in your posting.
That will be necessary for all. Thanks for your posting.