Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Dreaming to pray

Today, between an snooze in my radio watch and other I was dreaming that I was praying for some folks in my office. It was a kind of weird, my time with God has been so irregular that I thought that, should I pray when I am sleeping because I have been so unable to set up a time to pray? I know I need a lot to pray, today I dismissed my internet in my breakfast to be with God.
From that time on, I have been dreaming awaked, and now I am dreaming and praying a lot for a Summer Biblical School in my neighboorhood, I couldn't do that in my apartment because it is too small, I would need a house, so I need some prayer partners to be with me in that. I have some time in my holidays in July to do that, a house would help me a lot to start some plans.
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Panda said...

Sorry for being off-topic, Luis, but I just wanted to drop you a line. Great to see that there's some serious blogging going on here! I plan to come back more often.
Just noticed the Donald Miller book in your reading list. I love this author, this book, blue like jazz and the one called searching for God knows what.
Which of the books that you have displayed here are HIGHLY recommended reading? I am always looking for great new titles for our publishing house in Amsterdam Blessings from the Netherlands!

Panda said...

Here I am again, Luis!
Tag - you're it. Stop by my blog for details.