Tuesday, July 10, 2007

5 things I dig about Jesus

I was tagged by Paul Abspoel from Netherlands to tell you Five things I Dig about Jesus, I was very honored by this invitation. Yesterday I read in Exiles, from Michael Frost that we, in our churchy culture, have seen Jesus as a man to be worshiped instead a man to be followed; it is wierd when you get so block as to ennumerate what dig you about Jesus, makes me thing how far I put him in my life just to be worshiped and not think he was a man like me too:
  • 1. Availability - He was so available, even when he knew that he became a very public person, so demanded and even when he knew that some people searched him because of food and because of status, he attended all.
  • 2.Focus - Though he was very demanded, he never lost his focus, even when we forsaw his death, when he knew that what would happen to him, would happen due his mission here, he accepted.
  • 3. No prejudice - He knew everything about the people who he was talking with, he knew the kind of life everybody was used to live, but he received all that was sincere to present their fragmented life and rejected all important people that pretended was close to God and wanted to promote themselves over him
  • 4.Balanced - He knew when it was time to act, but knew also when was time to retire and rest, or pray. He didn't get overworked even with all demmand he had
  • 5. Great Teacher - He didn't explained all his purpose and all his doctrines, instead, he let people find it for themselves, his teachings was never long talks explaining everything, he liked to use questions and stories to make us think and realize for ourselves.

  • I will tag all my international buddies that, I thing, would do that: Rick Stilwell, Len Evans, Steve Knight,JR Woodward and Ken McCord

    Here are the rules:
    (a) Those tagged will share “Five Things They Dig About Jesus”.
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    Len said...

    I was tagged for that and did my answers on 6.26.07 which is still at the bottom of my page. I should rework it so each post is a seperate link, oh well. :-)

    Panda said...

    Hi Luis,
    I really like your answers and I fully agree with each and every one of them! Thanks for sharing your insights and for tagging other people too. I have some hesitations with this tagging game, because I don't want to bother people - but it makes me happy to read the answers and I can only add one more word to them: AMEN!

    Carol L. Douglas said...

    What great insights! Things I "knew" subconsciously about Jesus but never really thought about. I have really enjoyed reading these responses. Thanks so much!

    Rick said...

    Completed, sir - http://gottabuzz.typepad.com/coffee/2007/07/tagged-again---.html

    Steve K. said...


    I finally posted my responses!

    Sorry I'm not passing along the baton though ...

    Steve K.