Sunday, July 15, 2007

Day to be champions

Today was a great day to sports in Brazil, first at Volleyball World League, we beated Russia (3 v 1) and we won the World League for our seventh time (fifith year in a row). It is amazing to see that we have been producing generations and generations of very good volleyball players, just to remember, we have been won the World League for the last five years, and we won also the last World cup and the golden medal at Athens Olympic champeonship.

But we had another championship final to watch, it was the Copa America final against Argentina (our biggest sport rival), our team made bad matches in this cup, our best players preferred to be on their vacations (Kaka, Ronaldinho Gaucho and Ronaldo), we started Copa America with a desasterous match when we were defeated by Mexico, but we were keeping a somewhat regular results until we got to final, but Argentina won all their matches, they sent their best players to won this cup. So I thought Argentina would won Brazil easily, but the unexpected happened, Júlio Baptista could score a first goal between the first 5 minutes, we got another goal at first half and another in second half. It is the second Copa America we won Argentina at final in a row! Though I love the Argentinean people and I have very good Argentinean friends, it is just delicious to beat Argentina and even in this kind of situation!
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Panda said...

Congratulations from the Netherlands, let's say Europe's very own Brazil! :-)
We know what it feels like to be Champions... Just became European Football Champs U21 for the second time in a row, and we are difficult to beat with baseball and some other sports too!

Sport is great entertainment, don't you think? And each time our Brazilian brothers show their true colours (JESUS LOVES YOU t-shirts etc), it makes me feel very happy and proud too. Yep I am a Brazilian (each time you guys win, ha ha). We all admire Alex from PSV (although I support Ajax Amsterdam) and that great player from Heerenveen, Alfonso Alves - I do hope that he will join Ajax soon. But why didn't your coach select GOMES (PSV goal keeper??)

Copy and paste this in your URL and you will see that I am not kidding about my love for Brazil (this is a link to my OLD blog):

Len said...

I tagged you on something else, hope you don't mind.

Luis F. Batista said...

Paul, thank you for your comments, sports are great things to unite our country! Know that when Afonso was selected, every journalist complained because so few knew about him, unfortunately people here have most eyes more to Spanish, Italian and somewhat France and Portuguese football. I believe Gomes would do a good job in our selection, Doni is not so safe to keep our goal.
Len, thank you for inviting me for this meme! It is ever a good reason to share more about me!