Wednesday, May 28, 2008

David Pierce at CheckList!

David Pierce started a blog tour today with a very interesting interview at TallSkinnyKiwi, so I was honored to recieve him at my blog next Saturday, May 31st.
David is director of Steiger International and leader of No Longer Music, I could see their performance some years ago at Projeto 242 in São Paulo and it was really amazing!
They have been in lot of countries and even countries with a very small Christian witness, this year they will be presenting on Poland, Lebanon, Turkey, Croatia, Finland and Iceland.

He will be here at my blog next Saturday, bring on your questions and feel free to comment.

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Paul said...

Steiger International and NO LONGER MUSIC - that must be referring to YwaM Amsterdam! So this is my question: is there still a connection (must be!) with Amsterdam / the Netherlands?

I remember NLM performing in a well known Dutch TV talk show years ago: 'Sonja'. What a lot of noise these guys made, ha ha! But how funny it was to see cool Christians playing on national tv and making such an impact!