Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Baby is coming, emotions are high

We are very close to Pedro Henrique borning, Heloiza blood pressure is OK, but she is suffering a little because of hot weather. We expect to make the C section on September 6th, but tomorrow we will go to doctor and he may antecipate this day.
My daughter, Maria Ester is very stressed, she got so nervous yesterday because I sit over her princess crown and broked it, in the second night in a row she overreacted to it. I tried to hug her, affirm our love to her, the love of all our relatives and her friends to her and tried to make her overcome this loss.
This is a new situation, this was not the first time that she used to overreact and cry compulsively. I am trying to treat her showing love and all acceptance. We know that this would arise as the day of Pedro Henrique borning becames close.
We count on your prayers.

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