Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Not so inspired

I am not as inspired to post today, there such days like these I am now that I got so tired of my dreams that I start to feel a strong cinicism, I think "who cares?". Last sunday we went to morning service and as my wife chosed to rest at afternoon she would not go to night service, so did I. Normally I would use to go to both services, but I choosed not to go, I felt so alone there in the morning that I would not like to feel more loneny at night.
Today I could not sleep all night and I could wake up early to pray and meditate at Word, I could read some psalms and though I am so tempted to feel far from spiritual, I could feel with God anyway.
I could just ask Him not to let my vision be lost and not to focus at my career as my daily hope.
Not so inspiring days but these days are with God.

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