Sunday, August 28, 2005


Back to the alien conclusions, one of the most clear faces in Brazil of comparision problems arise around soccer matches. I readed Donald Miller trying to describe what were basketball to an alien, but I think it would be as embarassing to describe soccer and soccer passion to him.
I support a team here: Corinthians, I even cried when Brazil won World Cup. But I think that the interest in soccer teams got beyond entertainment matters. I think the problem is not with passion as entertainment but how it is being envolved not only with money but in lives.
People want to choose the best team in order to be in a better position than his friends of office, he can laugh at them and show his pretended advantadge, from this point of view, people starts not only to support their teams but also support against other teams with a high grade of interest, which is clear when we can hear very well lots of people shouting at goals even in a small importance match.
From this we can go to the groups of people that make serious fights if they encounter each other at streets or broke everything at city to show their happiness when their teams win or their frustration then their teams loose.
I think this is a clear sign of an effort to pin what was missed with all sorts of odd methods which have not worked.
Ah! And I didn't told yet how people are getting rich with these things!
If team make it,happiness come for the follow day, but comes Tuesday and starts everything again, and it will not be enough.

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