Monday, June 14, 2004

10 reasons why your church sucks

First of all I would like to confirm my love for the church and my recognize of church as the hope of this world, I recognize church as a place where God talks to us, as a place to experience true community and as a redemptive potential for this world. It was a great idea from Jesus Christ.
However, I have seen the institutionalization of the church as a process that has been neutralized the redemptive potential of them.
I have seen a very good article called 10 reasons why your church sucks, with sadness, because I have checked most items of this list comparing with churches I had related.
I have sympathized most of what the friend of the author had showed, I had also suffered a kind of church abuse, and I know how hard is to recover from that, I countinously see with much sadness many leaders that had their dreams stopped by poor leaders who had shown better political influence, many of them have exiled, like me, in "open minded" chuches, others have lost their faith. With the mercy of God I have not lost my faith, but I am countinously praying for opportunities to help the church to regain their redemptive potential.

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