Thursday, June 24, 2004

St John

As the town where I work (Barueri) took St John day's to its local holiday, I could thanks to St John for a great opportunity to sleep until late and not to work today. It is even better because São Paulo (where I live) does not have local holiday and I can enjoy all the services with no rush and few people today.
I waked up late, took my doughter to school and went with my wife to take a walk to a park near my house, drinked some expresso and return home to watch Portugal x England at Euro 2004 (Great job Portugal!). I consider that a very good holiday among others. I am in a holiday in a city in workday.
Throghout this country (manily in small cities) we have great popular parties for St John. Good parties, with lot of popular dancings, nice food, fireworks, very pretty.
Talking about St John, it is a good day to remember what he has done, a very remarkable apostle:
  • He belonged to the closed circle of Jesus Christ, he might be a very good friend

  • Though we was not very easy and once claimed with his brother to fire someone that did not listen Jesus (Luke 9:51-56)

  • He was a very practical men, his writings about the consequences of the faith was very, very clear (1 John 1:5-10)

  • Once he was very, very old he was able to remember all that he spent with Jesus and wrote a unique gospel wrote to all the world

  • Also, he saw things very ahead of his age and things of the heaven, things that no other man could see and had to translate all those into words in Revelation. I can imagine how great task he had!

  • He was a very zealous man, and left very clear his concern of what was the objective of his efforts: to believe (John 20:30-31)
    29.06 - Recently I discovered that St John of this day is John the Baptist, a protestant mistake

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