Sunday, September 19, 2004

The attraction for conspiration

Finally I have got to finish Da Vinci Code, as already told, I wished to complete all book at the beach, but I have just got to read half of the book there, since them, I have been dealing to read three books, but at the light hours I was reading chapter by chapter and I finally got it. It was long time I was not envolved with a ficction, it is a somewhat good fiction and a good entertainment.
The problem has been when people starts to take this message seriously, in the hope that what we got from Jesus Christ had never existed, for this I have heard that Jesus went to India after crucifition, that all his parables came from essenious now that Jesus let the church be leaded by Mary Madalene, that his teachings came from mithology.
Whay so much way out of Jesus has been created?
By the other side we have a comment from Andrew Careaga for my post of September 3rd telling the fear many evangelicals show defining the book as bad to be read by a Christian, if my faith must be protected by any kind of idea, I think this is not a faith, but a faith as ilusioned by any creed to a myth we have today.
We are close to a launch of a book from Erwin Lutzer in portuguese, I think it would help me very much in this kind of discussion.

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