Friday, September 03, 2004

A quiet week? Not so much

I am in the end of the week with some things to be posted but with no environment to do it through this week, tomorrow begins a holliday that ends just on thursday (September 7th, independance day), and I finally could be able to go to the beach (Ubatuba, afer 13 months without sea and sand!), since now I am prepared to take more than the usual 3,5 hours to get Ubatuba and to find there too many people, but my needs of beach is bigger than my fears of uncomfort. I am looking forward to post again later, after I come back on Thursday.
From now I can share that I began reading "Mustard Seed vs. MacWorld" and I am appreciating it very much.
For this holliday, I plan to read the very talked "Da Vinci code" between swimming and caving some holes in the sand with my doughter. I have found a Review of this book in Relevant Magazine, I think it would might help.
I am counting with your prayers.

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