Thursday, September 09, 2004

Nothing like a day after other...

After an awsome holiday at the beach I had a terrible workday with hours very frustrating, so frustrating that my happiness for a wonderful travel were totally gone. But there came to my mind a music (things from Holy Spirit), don't know if there is an English version:

"He is with us forever, our Emmanuel, strong God, Powerful, forever is faithfull.."

How great is to be reminded about the faithfullness of God in the middle of a though moment, I want to praise my God and to thank Him for his faithfullness and for His kindness. Thank to Him one day will not surely be like the day before, I Thank Him because with Him I can have Hope, it is Great! It is great to know that there will be allways an opportunity of change and all bad will be used to our good, the bad momments will even be used to prepare us to enjoy good moments with all happiness.
This music start with this verse:

"Give thanks to our Lord the King of Kings, because his love is forever"

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