Monday, September 27, 2004

Christian consumer

I went last weekend to a Christian constumer fair, I don`t know how it is outside Brazil, fellas from US can help me in this matter, but it was a very embarrassing theme after you see consumerism lessons from Tom Sine.
The fair was full of people, at the beginning I got very disturbing to find little stands with singers singing with their sound system at a very loud level, and after you got with a crowd of people waiting for a celebrity to sign his photo. It is hard to skip your sarcasm when you see these things beside a hole evangelical band cut the entrance line ahead of you or when you see a stand with children characters a lot similar to a character first place in the market.
Would Jesus make the same thing that he done at Jerusalem market? How much are all these things needed to reach out the world for Jesus?
I think we have quite everything material we need to proclaim the Kingdom, but the main things are not at sell.
Anyway, at least I could get good discounts in some books, new Vineyard CDs (which had no bands singing at their stands) and a VegieTales DVD to my doughter, they finally got here and I liked their David story a lot!

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