Saturday, October 02, 2004

Is it all Marketing?

After being at a Christian fair, I have been thinking more about Marketing.
First, thinking in our political campaign (Sunday we will have municipal elections) we have been exposed to a very hard campaign at TV, every elections parties have free time in TV, and political campaign does not mean purposes anymore, it means now disonest manupulated information, I am fortunate to have cable TV, because parties ads became very agressives, sometimes I zapped open TV to see some councilor candidates that were very fun!
At church, we have ever some marketing iniciated man that starts to tell that Salvation is our product and the visitors are our customers (Arghhhh!). As we had in the Christian fair, it seems that Church became a very big market. Too bad!
I think yet that marketing brings us good tools to be used today, I remember Leonard Sweet telling that "POP culture today plays the same importance that Romans streets played at the early church", I think marketing can help us very much in the meaning of communication, I saw excelent examples thought all those examples they know that marketing will be the least. Community is everything, not marketing.

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