Monday, October 04, 2004

One year posting!

A year ago I started to mantain a portuguese blog trying to make an Check list to live like Jesus today, with a great influence of emerging communities I have been trying to leverage this kind of discussion in Brazil.
With inspiration of other good blogs I believe I have been growing a lot and I am so happy to know lots of good people in Brazil as abroad that help me in this journey. With the presence of so much people abroad I started to post also in english to share my journey here in Brazil and to get company in these hard task to walk in Christ.
I thoough about blogging as an interlude between a very active time ministring to youths and teenagers in my former church and a moment I expect so much to be back to the game, but all these posts have been a good sign of where I am going where I may be going and to try to express authenticity. I hope to blessed you in all these moments in inspite of all the dreams, mistakes and contradictions expressed.
To all that have comment to all that have encouraged me with your thoughts and presence, thank you very much!

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