Sunday, October 03, 2004

New Way to be Human - Prologue

We are close to start discussions about New Way to be Human, from Charlie Peacock, I believe this kind of experience of discussing a book will be a lot worth, as long as you get experiences from other backgrounds, you get great opportunities to learn and grow, even more because people there are very cool.
I will try to share something as long as we will go through the book, here some sharings about Prologue:
I liked some definitions Peacock started to make in this prologue, my
everyday challenge comes when you talk about intentionality,
("The new way to be human is about the reality of God ans his ways. It's about stepping into the Story of God-people-and-place with intentionality")
I think we have to be too strong with our intentionality when day by day comes with their demands and distract you from the main purpose.
I think our deeper challenge is to be subverted by Jesus will quoting:
"Jesus did not come to start a new religion. He did not come to create a two-hour-on-Sunday parasite culture that pious people can stick on the side of their otherwise busy lives. Jesus came to subvert every aspect of life and culture with the relational Word and will of God- what he annouced as the kingdom... Following Jesus faithfully means seeing to it that all of these areas in our lives are subverted by the kingdom and rebuilt in the new way"

Tomorrow we will start discussions from Chapter 1 on, the link for our group is here: Rambling Reader

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