Sunday, October 10, 2004

NWTBH ch2 - The jazz of God

"When the "personal Savior" story gets mixed together with individualism and consumerism, a nasty liaison is born... This unfortunate triad has led many to a highly subjective spirituality, one scarcely able to attract or sustain interest in people who interact with it."
"The goal of a student-follower of Jesus is to live as a knowledgeable active participant in the Kingdom agenda of God... This knowledge is carried across time in every generation by a people of long memory. It's Art and Story, It's the jazz of God that Jesus stepped into- it's the people and place"

When I read "New Kind of Christian" I got impressed with the idea about accepting Jesus as your "personal savior" might be an sales approach to evangelism, afterall this idea is not based biblically, we are called to believe Jesus is our savior, not to receive him as "personal", as if salvation is a thing we can buy. Since them I have been reflected about ideas we have accepted but not confirmed them on what Jesus told. When we take salvation too personal, we could wait for Jesus Christ comming while God called us to a vivid life that begins from now on.
This chapter talks about a people that begin they journey at the wrong place, we accept Jesus Christ as personal, start to live a very individual spirituality and didn't realized that we are making part of a greater History, the history of God.
I agree that the lack of a communal story might be the source of a Christianism that did not reflected to a world so better, we hard realize that we are participating into a greater history and frequently we are found frustrated in our activism to entertain people in our communities, while the intention of our actions should be so higher.
That is a very nice call, a call to participate of what God is doing, a call to the abundant life.

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