Monday, August 30, 2004

The return of prodigal son

The Return of Prodigal SonThe Return of Prodigal Son, Rembrandt

At the end of Soul Survivor, I've got with history of Henry Nouwen, again, I read about his history when he saw the paint above about the prodigal son and reflected about it a lot, it touched him so deeply that when he went to St. Petesburg he got to see personally the paint, and got even more touched, this originated a book about Prodigal Son and changed his life a lot.
Different of the times I read about Nowen's experience, this time I have decided to looked after this painting, and here it is...
I think it is very interesting how God works and brings His insights by wonderful ways. We just need to be open to His relationship and open to the ways He will touch us.
The paint is very interesting, isn't? The prodigal son on his knees, the father touching his beloving child and the older brother at the dark, I think because of my huge churching background, I see myself very close to older brother. I will look to this book and learn more.
I liked also to discover other paintings by Rembrandt, he also selected many other biblical themes, it worths to see his Web Museum

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Linus Linnaeus said...

Dear Luis,

I happened upon your blog searching for a picture of the prodigal son by which to put on my blog at

Just wanna wish you a good holy week and a great easter.

From Malaysia....a fellow brother in christ.

Linus Chung