Thursday, August 12, 2004

Kingdom, heaven and hell

I am glad to complete the reading of "The Divine Conspiracy", from Dallas Willard. I learned a lot, I thought this book a great and necessary study about the Sermon of the Mount.
I am also glad to realize how reachable is the words of Jesus, but the greater grasp we have to fulfill the kingdom within us, the greater is the responsability of us to take his word seriously of ignore him by our own risk.
Latelly I have been expose to this idea of Kingdom of God, which starts now in our lives and the idea of heaven that is our Earth renewed. The pastor of the church I have been going have talked very much about that.
I have also been exposed to a idea of hell that could be the same place of heaven but the idea of peace and the presence of God could be hell to the people that do not adore him. Sincerily I am not comfortable with that. Now I have to take my own study about our future, heaven and hell, but this idea of hell is different in my mind when I remember "Rich and Lazarus", Jesus taken apart the people are not his and the lake of fire of Revelation. Sometimes I think that this kind of hell does not fear enough, though people does not have to accept Jesus running away from hell. I have grown up waiting for a kind of future and it is not easy to see that change by this way, I have learned also that the worst thing of hell could be the absence of God and no way of repenting, I am not comfortable but I am not closed about this idea.
If you have something to help me about that I will thank you very much.

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