Wednesday, August 25, 2004

No excuses!

Olympics themes and lessons are on top until the end of this week!
Monday we felt a great deception in gimnastics, we were never close to get to the finals, but there surge a girl, Diane dos Santos, which started to get high grades in other competitions, mainly in floor exercise. All media started to focus on her as a great hope of medal (which we never got so far in all gimnastics).
When she exercised many people stopped to see her at TV, but she got two great mistakes, (she stepped away of the line) and her grade were not as high as expected.
When we have this kind of deception it is usual to circulate lots of jokes (mainly because the girl is poor and is an african brazilian) and lots of excuses (it could be her knee, or the organization, or the pressure, etc).
To my great surprise, she assumed her fault and did not blame anything, a great show of maturity.
I hope this might be a great lesson to many here that do not assume their falts and always have anything to blame. I can't stand excuses, I hope to have Jesus Christ more listened :"be your yes, yes and your no, no" it would be better to stand ourselves if we assume our mistakes and not cover them by our excuses, and see one to other as we are: failable, mistakable and eager to better.

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