Friday, August 13, 2004

Obfuscation 2 - Waiting times

Well, as told before, today is the day of Obfuscation 2, you will find below three stories, 1 of them is false, try to find the one and answer at comments, I will tell you about waiting times of my life in an era without celular phone:

#1 - I was with a friend at his girlfriend house, after a large time talking privetly, he and his date called the family for a serious talk, I knew they would break up (I believe they were together 3 to 4 years), I offered to get out the familiar conversation and wait outside, it was 11:30 PM, it was an old apartment building, and I went down to the dark lobby, there I was just me and the security guard, I seated at cold stairs, the lobby was far from a cosy, so it was dark, silent, cold and getting colder as the time was getting late, I wait there for an hour, two and close to 2:00 AM, there came a broken hearted friend to go home, we went through the city at 40 Km/h. It was a long, long night.

#2 - It was saturday, I and a friend would go to the movie, but first he would get a quick visit at his office to see if everything were all right with his report, I decided to wait at his car and not get to the work of parking, closing etc... It was a very hot afternoon and I remember to see that hot weather warming, see most of the radio stations and wonder what happen to his report, unfortunatelly, I could not get out the car or park it, because he taked the keys, from 2:30 PM, I waited until 5:00 with much excuses and a plan to go home by bus because he should stay at the office to work on his report.

#3 - I was participating of a working group and we met in the West zone of my city, at the end of the meeting I offered a ride for two people that lived closed to my house at North Zone (one of them were a pastor), first I take a girl to her house, when we get there, the pastor asked if she was really feeling well, unfortunatelly this was not the case, so they started talking and he started counseling, and there was getting two important hours of crying, praying and we got home. I would be all right if I were not dating that night, I told Heloiza I would get her at 6:30 PM, I got there at 9:00 PM with angry moods to calm.

I am not as good to lie, Monday I will post the answer. Leave here yours...

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