Monday, August 02, 2004

She prayed for twelve...

Yesterday I read a very nice article from "The Ooze" written by Lisa Bledsoe called God's Dozen. It drew me my attention because of the details of a planting church in North Carolina (Catalystic Church). I liked the kinds of details listed by her and all things that concerned her that moment and later, I think planting church is a task full of risk but a very challenge one.
I think these kind of risks are risks worth to be taken, the risk of constructing a contemporary liturgy, invites and praises to God. She was really able to think out of the box and I think she did it very well, not everyone is able to do it as well, you need a great level of research and to know how to mantain teologically aceptable as well.
This is the kind of movement I miss a lot here in Brazil, unfortunatelly it is rare to see a church planting like this, and when you see one, it is just an extension of the established one. Few leaders dare to risk to create a community with a different kind of communication and approach. The task to plant this kind of community is so harder given the usually hard task to plant one, we have also our conservative culture obstacle.
As I see and collect lots of experiences outside and in Internet, I pray that God give me opportunity, wisdom and the twelve needed to dare too here in São Paulo.
Few moments ago I saw this article is a little old (January), but I'm glad to see by their website the church is going well.

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