Monday, August 16, 2004

Obfuscation 2 - The answer

Wow! At the beggining I was thinking that my lying capability was very weak, but with other answers I could think I was not as bad!
The answer is number #2, yes, it appears that is not so possible to wait that much at a sunny day, the problem is that in Brazil you should never leave your car unlocked, our car robbering rate is very high!
Regarding #1, my friend is a very polited guy, when he started dating, he asked to her fathers to comply the date, that is why at the end he asked to talk with everybody.
#3 was a very difficult situation, I was seated at drivers seat, the pastor was at my side and the girl at backseat, I could not leave the car and I though I could not stop talking to go home.
That's it, I think I have a good tolerance for these kind of situations, I wished I could have this level of patience for whole life, for problems of life we have to wait for much more time, that is the thing God has been giving me as long as I have to face some hard situations.
Thank you very much all the answers, hope you all had fun!

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