Saturday, August 07, 2004

A very good way to start

I found Axis is dedicating 40 days to refocuse their spiritual direction. I am glad to know that this kind of work is not forgeting the foundamentals.
Usually, when we have the purpose to be more countemporary in things we do at church, we got to be so pragmatic about how to do those things that the way we do things became priority. Those moments are a great step defining that priority belongs to God. It creates an environment to think about yourself, about if what was done were fine, what should be better, what were flash, what were spirit. The best way to start, like so others we see at the Bible.
Today I read about silence and solitude, I need so much this! Those are things so need in the rush of our life that I think that just in those moments when we can really reflect about our life, we can really regret, receive from God the wisdom we need day by day, and go to the right direction.

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