Friday, November 05, 2004

Bye Old Year!*

Yesterday, I went out to a mall to celebrate my 17 years of my date with my wife, the terrible thing to note was to see everything decorated for Christmas!
This is terrible, a great sign that the year is getting to end, as I heard from many friends, this is a kind of dispair by feeling that many things planned to this year was unfortunately not done.
I have read a nice text at Relevant Magazine: "Forever Young", I recommend for all people at their 30ies that is getting desperated by feeling time going too fast.
Dispair comes when we use to compare with whished patterns, be that comparision to younger people who happened to realize more things than us in their age or be that our comparision to our own expectations made when we were younger.
It is good to realize that our age is too few compared to eternity we have with Jesus Christ, I get very comforted when I think that God patterns are not related to accomplishments, but to relationship with Him.
*Here in Brazil, we have a song which we use to sing every new year and is like:"Bye Old Year, Happy New Year, that everything happens in the year that is borning, much money at poket, health to give and sell"

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