Saturday, November 27, 2004


Here in Brazil this is a very common weekend, but most of the bloggers I used to see (here at your left) shows how Thanksgiving is important.
In the past we have a bank that every thanksgiving day made a thanksgiving event that was broadcasted at TV, but we are not used to observe this day.
It is good to reflect how we are used to thank and to have a gratifull atitude, commonly even to start some conversation it is common to complain about something, if the person agrees the conversation started.
I have posted in my brazilian blog a very nice music made by one of our gratest worship musician, Ademar de Campos:

"I am gratefull for everything I have
The biggest trasure of this world was given to me as an eternan heritage
the biggest prove of a so deep love.
I have life, happiness in all times
I have friends, family and lots of brothers
it was Jesus, my truly friend
That have done everything to give me salvation.
I will worship to the Lord in all times
His worship will be coutinously
in my lips and also in my heart
Jesus Christ is allways my song."
(Ademar de Campos)

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