Monday, December 06, 2004

A New Way to Be Human

Last weekend I could finish "A New Way to Be Human" reading, this was the first book chosed by Rambling Reading to be discussed.
To join a discussion about a book was a very nice experience, one thing is simply read a book, other is writing your thoughts each chapter and find other thoughts about it, even if a book doesn't brings anything so different, we have the opportunity to raise issues, talk about that and, sometimes, redefine them when you see different point of views, I thought this process very interesting.
I liked book, Charlie Peacock invites us to consider our Story, and how this story mix to God Story, I liked this idea once we know that Christianity is not only a religion but a much higher on going project purposed by God. Also, once you consider others story and even place story, you know that you are not beggining at start, you must consider your redemption scope acting with a person as well as in the place you are. My challenge in this matter is to recognize what kind of meaning I am giving to people around me as well as the place I am.
Though we have some people tiring about his enforcements, I have learned with his repetations. Though the book doesn't bring anything so new, it was a great oportunity to reflect our way with God:
"My mission has been to help people move from a small view of life to a comprehensive kingdom view, to help people move from what is mostly life as rote, acculturated behavior to life characterized by a full knowledge of and participation in the unfolding drama of God and his people. If any so-called Christianity of Christian theology doesn't inform, reconcile, and renew the relationship between God and people, the relationships of human persons, and the relationship between humanity and all of creation, it has not done its work"

We could also take a good reflection about marriage and the importance of marriage in God's plan. Lots of books does not devote this space to talk about it and marriage really deserve more reflection and to be seen as very strategic to the redemtpion of this world.

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