Thursday, December 30, 2004

Thinking in 2004 - Top 5 posts

This is new for this year, I have got the inspiration from Knightopia, his friend made a blog with the top 5 of all his friends. I tried make my list.
As I started blogging in English later, I have fewer options than my Brazilian Blog.
Here's mine:
- How to read the Bible, June 10
- Psycho Behaviour, July 06
- No excuses, August 25
- She prayed for twelve, August 02
- Christian consumer, September 27
- Family always worths more, October 27
In my birthday I was able to list 20 most important moments in my life, it was posted prior to start posting in English (may), I think that was the most important post for me, who knows in my next birthday, I will be able to translate to English?

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